‘The 26th General Meeting of EGF was a success’

The headline are not the words of the president, but the organizers have received a lot of messages from participants experiencing a nice time in Trondheim and surroundings, both scientifically and socially. In particular, the participants of the post-conference tour were very satisfied with the arrangements.

Group photos

Unfortunately we did not succeed in making a group photo of all participants. But here you may find group photo from the tours 1 Sheep farming, tour 2 Machinery and agriculture, 4 Landscape, agriculture and history and the post-conference tour.


Due to legal restrictions we will not publish the presentations on the web site. If you need one or several presentations, please contact the authors.

Synthesis of the conference

Aslaug Helgadottir from Iceland presented a summing up of the conference. You may find the manuscript here.

Poster price

A jury consisting of Antje Herrmann, Marcia Stienezen and Rhyn Fychan did a tremendous job by evaluating all posters. They chose a poster by O. Huguenin and colleagues from Agroscope in Switzerland for the first price. N. Hoekstra and colleagues from Lous Bolk Institute in the Netherlands won the second prize. The third prize was won by B. Tonn and colleagues from the University of Göttingen in Germany.



Welcome to the 26th General Meeting of EGF that will be held in Trondheim, Norway. Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway and is situated in the middle part of Norway, at the Trondheim fjord. The distance to Oslo is approximately 550 km. An airport 30 km outside the city has domestic and international connections. You may also travel by train from Oslo or by ship (Hurtigruten) from Bergen.
The three counties around Trondheim have 14 % of the Norwegian population. But the proportion of agricultural land is 22 %. Grassland constitutes 75 % of the total agricultural area in the region, and milk production is the most important .


The city of Trondheim
Photo: Anne Kjersti Bakken